Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A new phone.

I am one of the millions and trillions of people who own an iPhone. I've been reasonably happy with it for the 2 years I've had it but now it's time to change.

My needs are different now I've got my Evie.

Before she came along, I wanted my phone to have most of the usual features- E-mail, Facebook, a few games and the odd novelty app. I've disliked the keyboard from day 1. Too many mistakes get made too easily.

Now when I look at features, I'm really only interested in 2 things. Camera and Video. I don't want a useless blurry one like the iPhone. No. I'm talking sharp, crisp photos. I want mega pixels to rival an actual camera. I'd forsake all other features for the best camera possible. Well, maybe not my ebay app....but all the rest ;)

Because it seems that I've turned into one of those Mums who tries to document every single movement that the poor child makes. I can't stop myself! She's changing SO quickly and I'm scared I'll forget a tiny morsel. To be fair, I do have people requesting daily and weekly updates so the photos do get a lot of use and I do find myself scrolling through the 370+ photos that I've already taken of her up until now. I love looking at the changes, the difference in her hair from one week to the next. But now she's doing much more. She's making more noises, blowing rasberries, making funny faces. This calls for video!

I've searched and searched and I think I've decided on the Samsung Galaxy (as recommended by my Sister).

Although, if I'm honest, what I really want is this ----------->
with a tiny phone stuck onto it somewhere.

Or, a BBC cameraman to follow us everywhere. Then I'd just use his phone. Problem solved.

Lots of love

Katy x


  1. Yes! The camera on the Samsung Galaxy is great, it's thing I miss now I have my new phone! xxx